The industry

The railway industry offers many exciting jobs, and there is therefore a great demand for skilled engineers with technical experience within railways. In order to meet this requirement, a study line has been created at DTU in railway technology. As a graduated railroad engineer, you will then have very good opportunities to get jobs in the many companies that work with the railroad.




Technology is a fundamental tool for creating change. If you work in the field of technology in connection with the railway industry, you will have room for manoeuvre to create great changes. You will, among other things, be able to contribute to greater operational reliability, and you will be able to make a vital difference in environmental terms. In general terms, technological work is of great importance for the development of society and, in the context of accelerating newer and more intelligent solutions, a more convenient customer experience is created.



If you want to work within the infrastructural field in connection with the railway, it is essential that you can have many balls in the air and that you have a cool overview, regardless of the area you are dealing with. As the coordinator of the Danish Infrastructure, you will, among other things, have to ensure that the physical roadmap is consistent and that the different modes of transport are connected. If you are more interested in physical work, you can help to lie the rails or calculate the running power.




As a service or maintenance employee in the railway industry, it is your job to ensure that all security measures are in order. All conditions must be investigated, and this is done among other things by security technicians and electricians in the relay cabins. Craftsmen, low current engineers and technicians etc. make sure the trains and the tracks are maintained in general. It is therefore essential that these areas are in order and that they are being regularly researched so that the rest of the railways can function optimally.


The Master programme in Transport and Logistics is designed to give you the necessary qualifications to design and manage the advanced transport networks of tomorrow.
Are you interested in the railway industry, the following courses are available at DTU:


  • Railway Operations and Management
  • Signalling Systems and Technology for Railways
    (technological specialization course)
  • Rolling Stock acquisition and Management
    (technological specialization course)


  • Risk Management
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Products and Systems
  • Railway Design and Maintenance
  • Optimisation of operational transport systems
  • Vehicle Routing and Distribution Planning


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