RAIL Talents frames the future

What is the purpose of the project? Who are the talents? RAIL Talents is the flagship of the Danish Railways Association (BaneBranchen) for young talents. The purpose is to distribute stories about the reality of working with the railways for companies like Siemens, COWI, DSB, Bane Danmark & Rambøll. RAIL Talents has gathered a TalentSquad consisting of 5 youngsters, who all are employed by these companies. Read more about the talents here: http://da.railtalents.com/moed-ambassadoererne/.


With the purpose of clarifying what kind of opportunities an education from RailTech at DTU can lead to and how it’s like to work in the industry as a young engineer. Through RAIL Talents they tell their stories on social media, and on the same time RAIL Talents is a platform for knowledge sharing and networking.


Generation Y has to take over the work Generation X has put in to create the current foundation in the industry. A bunch of changes are currently happening in the industry, and latest technologies such as AI and 3D has transformed the way engineers work in this field. According to specialists working with developing railways, this is exactly what makes it interesting. An old fashioned industry, which is currently being tipped over by technology and new ways of working. A huge change management process, but if handled correctly, it can lead to huge rewards and great societal outcomes. By broadening knowledge about these trends, we seek to be part of shaping the future of the business.


If you seek to broaden your scope on working with railways, you can participate at the Railway Conference in May 2018. With over 700 participants from all over the world, it is the biggest conference in Denmark, and a rich opportunity to network with engineers and project managers. Furthermore, there will be interesting key notes on the latest trends within the sector. Finally, the Best Student Award will be handed over along with a cash price of 15.000 DKK.


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