The Danish Rail Sector Association


Behind RAILTalents stands The Danish Railway Sector Association (Banebranchen) which is the Danish trade organization. The Danish Railway Sector Association represents more than 20 partner companies, who are working together to create a better rail industry.

The purpose of The Danish Railway Sector Association is:
– To educate engineers, who are specialists in the railway technology
– To distribute knowledge about the challenges and opportunities of the railway.
– To manage the interests of the Danish railway by providing information.

In short terms, The Danish Railway Sector Association works to strengthen the railway and its actors. Rail industry supports study line Railway Technology at DTU and supports them also study tours for students who are trained in the railroad. In addition to strengthening the educational basis for industry actors, the task is also to spread the knowledge of companies operating in the railway industry and to spread the interest in student jobs, project work and academic arrangements offered by them.

The Danish Railway Sector Association itself consists of a board of professionals representing the member companies. They are all highly committed and shows a great interest in the skills and the energy young people bring to the industry.


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